Why Garden?

Why Garden?

Why garden?

A young child once asked me why I garden.

I pondered for a while before finally I answered him:

                                      “I garden not for the fruit, nor for the vegetables;

While I do enjoy eating them.

I garden not for the exercise, nor for the muscles;

While I do enjoy strengthening them.

I do not garden to save a dime.

I do not garden because I have the time.

Because sometimes, I do not have them.  


Why do I garden?

I garden to feel the sun, the earth, and the water.

I garden to see my seedlings turn to flower.

Like a mother, I watch them grow.

Though at times they are stunted and slow,

Eventually they will blossom.

Except when they don’t.

Because sometimes they won’t.


A garden stops you,

Makes you appreciate the simple things:

The soft morning dew,

The water trickling,

The birds singing,

The bees buzzing,

The sun rising,

The seasons changing;

With earth you are uniting.”


The young child looked up and stared.

A moment later he declared:

“Will you teach me to garden?

I want to grow my own food.

I want to be as strong as you.

I want to save money.

I want to keep busy.

I want to feel PROUD.

Please, will you teach me to garden?”

A simple nod and away he went.


Why do I garden?

Because of children like him

And the questions they bring.  

I do not garden to feed my family,


I garden to nourish, strengthen, and educate my community. 


Written by Chastine Lamoureux

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