Green Salsa!

Green Salsa

As the first frost of the season hits, the produce from the garden needs to be harvested. For many, the produce that has not yet been used goes to waste or is used for compost. However, the produce can easily be used in yummy recipes including tomato sauce, ratatouille, stew, gumbo, soups and so much more. Today, those garden fruits and veggies will make a delicious green salsa! 


First, you will need green tomatoes, celery, peppers (either green and/or red), onions, garlic, limes, and cilantro. Parsley can be used as an alternative to cilantro for those who prefer. 


Once you have your ingredients, you will want to dice the tomatoes, celery, peppers and onions. Next, mince the garlic cloves and cilantro. After all of the ingredients have been chopped, place them in a bowl and add lime juice.


And voila, your green salsa is complete! Enjoy the fresh taste of your garden salsa with some whole-grain nachos or as a side to your main. 

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