Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me set up a garden at my school/place of work? 

We would love to help you set up a garden. Please contact us at


I love what you do, how can I become involved?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out at the various community garden locations across Windsor and Essex County. Please contact us to get set up. 


I have limitations, can I still volunteer at your community garden?

Yes, we have created accessible paths and have modified tasks to tailor to everyone. Let us know of any needs or concerns and we will be happy to accommodate. 


I have a large group, can we plan a field trip to your garden?

Absolutely! We can accommodate large groups of any age at our community garden in Kingsville. Contact us and we can plan your next visit.


How do I grow my own food? 

First, you must determine what Zone you are in. If you are located in Windsor/Essex county you are in Zone A. From there you can visit this site to see what crops you can grow as well as the appropriate times to seed. For more tips on things to grow in your first garden you can visit this site.


What is the best way to water my plants?

We find that watering in the morning when needed and focusing on the roots is most important when watering plants.


What should I avoid doing when gardening?

Mistakes happen; however avoiding them is best. Click here to see the most common gardening mistakes.